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What is YOUR greatest obstacle?

We help leaders figure out what is holding them back and overcome that barrier. All leaders need growth in one or more areas. As the leader goes, so goes their organization!


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Where should you be spending your focus?


Leadership Growth / Team Development

One-on-one Coaching and Team Coaching are equally popular options. Coaching is available for pre-defined periods of time with optional renewal should the need arise.

Coaching is available as remote coaching (phone/video) or on-site, in-person coaching with certain geographical limitations. Coaching is usually most effective when utilized for 90-day period at least.



In-person and Virtual Team Equipping

These are stand-alone equipping events. They are usually targeted to help a team develop a specific skill set to reach a specific goal. They can be combined with short-term coaching to lock-in the skills and ensure solid follow-through.

The most effective way for such training is usually face-to-face. Remote interaction is sometimes necessary because of scheduling and or budget constraints. Virtual team equipping through remote interaction can also be highly effective.

The schedule fills up quickly!

COMING SOON - On-Demand Training

We are currently editing the on-demand training to serve and equip as many as possible.

Will This Work For You?

Learn from other's mistakes

Leverage the lessons of other's failures and successes to speed up YOUR turnaround! You can take advantage of this through...

 ...Coaching, virtual, one-on-one or team

...Workshops, virtual or in-person

...Whole Organization Consultation, virtual or on-site 

Which option is best for YOU?

Every organization is different. Each leader is different. Sometimes more than one of these options is the fastest way to turnaround.

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Meet Joel

Founding Pastor, Crossway Church

"Steven has impacted my life in a profound way. At a time when I was struggling to meet the demands of the rapidly growing ministry of my first pastorate, Steven's mentoring taught me the skills I needed to preserve myself spiritually, emotionally, and mentally while meeting the needs of my own family and a growing congregation. In particular, Steven's techniques for time-management have changed my life. I feel that is very likely that Steven's mentoring saved my ministry at a very critical time. Not only do I recommend Steven's coaching, I urge anyone to utilize him."

Let's get you and your team turned around...

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Where should you be spending your focus? 

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